Empire Photo and Video Inc. Hires New Philanthropy Team

Empire Photo and Video Inc. is pleased to announce today the hiring of two new executives. Filling the much needed positions of Public Relations and


Philanthropy are the sister-team Cookie and Brownie T. Faynwachs. Empire P & V has long been a supporter of local charities and currently the Ottawa Humane Society. A portion of all event sales is being sent to the Ottawa Humane Society to provide funding for their work with animals in need. In their new positions with Empire their job is to make this happen. When asked how they felt about joining this worthwhile cause they had no comment but their wagging tails said it all.

During an interview with the Director of Empire Photo and Video he said "We felt they had the right credentials for the job and as a team I think they understood the importance of helping the Ottawa Humane Society more than anyone."

We wish you all the luck ladies.

The Ottawa Citizen

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